Ongoing care for Real Campus students. 💯

As of August 31, 2021, Real Campus is coming to an end.

But we aren't leaving you hanging! Here are your options for ongoing care. 

Here's the deal...

You're on this page because you're a past, current or future client of Real Campus. 👋

Real Campus was operated by Shift Collab in partnership with WeSpeakStudent and Morcare. After three great years, the program is unfortunately ending on September 1, 2021. 

Our team, Shift Collab, is a national team of therapists that is dedicated to better mental healthcare. We have supported thousands of Canadian college and university students since we started our business in 2017.

Now that Real Campus is ending, as therapists we have an ethical obligation to explain what this means for you and how you can access mental healthcare in the future.

Here are the big three things to know:

If you are a past or current Real Campus client, you may be able to continue to see your Shift therapist. However, as of September 1, 2021, it will no longer be part of your healthcare benefits. 

If you are new to Real Campus looking for immediate care, we are here to support you until August 31, 2021. 

If you are looking for care ater September 1, 2021, please contact please contact WeSpeakStudent or Morcare for information on what will be replacing Real Campus. 


Will my Real Campus benefits be renewed next year?

No. Unfortunately, the Real Campus program and all of the services it provides is being discontinued at the end of August 2021. Even though our team at Shift Collab will no longer be working with WeSpeakStudent or Morcare, we will still continue to support students through our therapy practice. If you’d like to speak with one of our therapists or continue to see yours, please reach out to us at hello@shiftcollab.com, and we’d be happy to get that set up for you at a special student rate!

I really liked the Real Campus program! Will there be a new one in place?

We here at Shift will always be here to support you! If you’d like to see a therapist at a student rate, please contact us at hello@shiftcollab.com.

We are unaware of what program will replace Real Campus. So for more information on mental health and wellness services available to students as of September 1, 2021 please contact WeSpeakStudent or Morcare

Will my remaining short-term therapy sessions be carried over to the following year?

No. Once the Real Campus program ends on August 31, 2021, all services and benefits will expire as well. Utilize your student benefits by scheduling your sessions before August 31, 2021. If you’d like to continue seeing your therapist, please reach out to us at hello@shiftcollab.com. We’d be happy to get that started for you at a special student rate!

How much will it cost to see my therapist after Real Campus?

One of our core values here at Shift is doing right by people. This means we do our best to ensure that therapy is as accessible as possible. Many of our therapists offer a student rate to those in school at $125 per session. Contact us at hello@shiftcollab.com to find out more!

I have my own insurance through my parents, my workplace, or my school. Will you directly bill them?

Believe it or not, unlike dentists or pharmacies, therapists can’t direct bill insurance providers! This means that you will need to pay upfront for your session, and then submit the receipt to your benefits provider for reimbursement. If you have your own insurance coverage, please double check what licensing you are covered for! At our clinic, we have therapists licensed as Registered Social Workers (MSW/RSW), as well as Registered Psychotherapists (RP). We’re here to help you understand what’s included in your benefits policy and match you with the right therapist. 

I don't have insurance and can't afford therapy What should I do?

Unfortunately, as of September 1, we are unable to provide therapy sessions at no additional cost to you. We have no knowledge about what is replacing Real Campus as of September 1, 2021 or what that program might include. 

So, if you are enrolled in your school's health plan for either the 2020/2021 or 2021/2022 academic year, we recommend reaching out to WeSpeakStudent or Morcare directly to discuss your options. 

If you are still stuck, reach our to our team at hello@shiftcollab.com and we have a list of free and low-cost therapy options that we can share with you. 

We are one of Canada's largest group therapy practices, offering exceptional care from coast-to-coast.

Our team of nearly 100 Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists have a wide range of expertise, enabling us to support you through all of life's challenges.

Fit Guarantee

Finding a great therapist is like dating. If you don’t feel a connection to your therapist after the first full session, a session with another therapist is free.

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Our therapists are Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Social Workers who have extensive training in a wide range of everyday mental health challenges. 

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Our team takes a modern approach to therapy. There's no judgement in anything. Heck, we're human too.

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“I can't recommend them enough. The staff is extremely sympathetic and focused on helping you achieve your goals as well as make your life easier. Extremely professional and phenomenal service.”

 - S, a Shift client

"The Shift team doesn’t prescribe to one size fits all treatment and their approach to mental health & wellness is different than anything I’ve seen. Expect the word collaboration to be taken seriously and for your therapist to look outside your sessions to establish other pathways of support."

 - E, a Shift client

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